College Isn’t All It’s Made Out To Be

College is often thought of as a big thing because people connect a college degree to a great job. College students are wanting to achieve a B.A. because they believe it will help them get a higher-paying job. Although this is somewhat correct, it’s only half of it. It is a fact that people with B.A.’s earn more money. This is because, for example, doctors, lawyers, and engineers spend years and years perfecting their skills. And so, they earn more because they use the skills that took them so long to earn, their degrees. Another reason why students think the B.A. is the way to go is because most employers won’t even interview candidates without a B.A. This is an advantage to having a B.A. But, this method of hiring is wrong on the employers part because anyone that has earned a college degree shows that they committed time, value, and everything to earning it. And, if they went to college and earned a degree, then they were/ are smart enough (Birkenstein).


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