Athletes Revenue Through Social Media

Athletes have started to bring in loads of revenue because of their efforts on social media. One way they make this money is: ” Affiliate marketing is different than a sponsorship, in that it’s up to the athlete to make sales through their influence in order to profit. They don’t simply get paid for their marketing efforts. As an affiliate, the athlete simply posts a picture of themselves using the product; a video of them talking about or using the product could also be included. The key here is the athlete’s credibility helps to promote and sell the product to his or her fan-base”. We see this marketing all the time across social media, it is often not a post that is super direct telling their followers to buy it but them using the product and saying they love the product. Another way they generate money is creating their own merchandise and promoting it on their social media. We see this with thousands of athletes and it is very successful because fans like to support their favorite players so they buy the product. Lastly with popularity comes a greater sponsorship. Companies will often give greater sums of money to those who have more fans. Because if say a NBA player has a shoe deal with a lot of fans, that will attract a lot of people to buy that shoe because they want to be like their favorite player. There are various other ways these athletes make money on social media but that just how great these platforms have become, that they have multiple opportunities to generate money.

Social Media: The cause of Teenagers Suffering from Serious Mental Health Issues

Teenagers who are on social media and on-screen activities have more mental health issues than others. Social media messes with the nervous system, making disorders like ADHD, teen depression, oppositional defiant disorder and teen anxiety worse. Those who check social media are more often to likely become depressed. ” A CNN study of 13-year-old teenagers and social media found that participants who checked Facebook or other networking sites between 50 and 100 times a day were 37 percent more distressed than those who checked just a few times a day. Those who checked more than 100 times a day were 47 percent more distressed on average.” This goes to show that social media messes with the brain and makes someone feel worse about themselves. For instance, teens are trying to compare themselves with others (this is known as constant comparisons). This can damage someone’s self-esteem and body image snd can certainly lead to depression.

Casa Vicens: one of the most famous pieces of architecture in Barcelona

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is a house in Barcelona that was designed by Antoni Gaudi; one of the most famous Spanish architects who was known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. Casa Vicens is located in the neighborhood of Garcia on Carrer de los Carolines, 20-26, which is one of the quieter parts of town. It is known to be one of the first houses of Art Nouveau and was the first house designed by Gaudi. In his work, Gaudi mixed a variety of materials, including iron, glass, ceramic tiles and concrete. Casa Vicens illustrates a new chapter in the history of Catalan architecture as well as the start of a successful career for Gaudi. One of the ways he inspires people is when he works in the world of nature and Casa Vicens is his first example of demonstrating that. For instance, it represents and includes a variety of natural elements onto the overall design. By succeeding in including nature into the inside of the house, Gaudi is creating continuity between the exterior and interior space. He really focused on the corners of this building, which symbolized the classes of the time living in Barcelona. Today, Casa Vicens opens as a House Museum, including a permanent exhibition and tour through the original rooms of Gaudi, which are open to anyone living and/or traveling in Barcelona!

Why (Catalonia) Barcelona should be separated from the rest of Spain

Barcelona is one of the four provinces of Catalonia, others being Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. Catalonia is one of Spain’s wealthiest and most productive regions and has a unique history going back 1,000 years. It is responsible for nineteen percent of Spain’s GDP, which is the same as the Madrid region. They tried to gain independence in September, 2017, but Spain’s constitutional court suspended the process. It wasn’t until October 10, 2017 when Catalonia gained complete independence from Spain. One of the main reasons why they wanted to gain independence is because of the fact that they speak a completely different language; the Catalan language. In addition, Catalonia is also known for their extreme wealth. So at one point when there economy suffered, they lost their identity. Thousands of businesses had to move their headquarters out of the region. These are just a few of many reasons why the people of Catalonia thought it would be best for it to become independent!

World’s Biggest Food Fight!

In Spain, on the last Wednesday of August every year, a food fight festival is held in the town of Buñol which is outside of Valencia. This festival is called La Tomatina and was first introduced in either 1944 or 1945. It is literally a festival dedicated to a tomato food fight. For what reason? It is purely for entertainment purposes. This event is absolutely huge where many people from all over the world try to get official ticketing for this. However, only 20,000 can attend so space is very limited.

At 11am and truck loads of over-ripe tomatoes are brought to the centre of the town. However, La Tomatina does not begin until someone climbs up a two story high, greased up wooden pole and reach the ham at the top which can take a very long time. Once the goal is achieved, water canons are fired to indicate that the fight has started. The actual fight usually lasts up to an hour and is cleaned by using fire trucks. However, the spray isn’t enough to fully clean the streets due to the acidity of the tomatoes.

Why is Barcelona superior to Madrid?

I believe that Barcelona is superior to Madrid. For instance, it is known for having some of the most impressive architecture in the world. One of the most famous architects, Antoni Gaudi, has created so many well-known buildings here, including Casa Vicens. This is not only his first important building, but also one of the first Art Nouveau buildings in the world. Another advantage to visiting Barcelona rather than Madrid, is for the weather. Barcelona has slightly cooler summers than Madrid, but milder winters and springs. In addition to not having a lot of architecture, Madrid also does not have any beaches. Barcelona has some of the best beaches in the world and has perfect weather for you to catch some rays in the summer! Barcelona is viewed as the “Paris of Spain” and captures the imagination of almost all visitors coming to Spain!