Kisses from Spain

Those who have studied abroad would know that no two countries are alike. There might be similarities between a couple of countries, but they are never completely the same. Other countries such as Spain and America have completely different cultures. They’re completely opposite from each other actually. Where Americans tend to greet others verbally, Spaniards greet with ‘besitos’ meaning little kisses in Spanish. However, they sometimes do not actually kiss each others’ cheek, they usually touch cheeks and make a kissing sound. The only time that this does not occur is usually between two men, but men will do it to women.

Why travel to Spain?

Their are many advantages to traveling to a place like Spain. Spain is filled with beautiful architecture, art, and has the most fulfilling festivities. It is certainly a country that has something for everyone, including going to the beach, wine tasting, and enjoying the company of animal life. To wine tasting or to trying delicious food, everything here comes at a reasonable price. One of the most significant pieces of Spain is its cathedrals. They have great historical, religious, and architectural value. They are the main reason why so many visitors continue to travel to Spain every year and are the reason why it is so popular to many. People who come here will certainly be able to relax and will be able to enjoy themselves just by looking at the scenery alone!

How do Athletics Effect Academics?

Sports and athletics are a large part of a lot of individuals educational careers, but should this be the case? Are athletics helping these children who are growing up juggling practices, games, homework, and all of the things that come along with being a kid? Could they be hurting these children?

In an article by The Women’s Sports Foundation about how sports effect academics in adolescents, they look into how athletics effects positive participation in the classroom specifically. Since class participation has been proved to be one of the most important factors in developing new knowledge and skills throughout schooling, knowing what factors could positively effect it is very important to giving adolescents the best opportunities for success. They found a direct correlation to the kids who played sports and multiple positive factors in school. For example athletes were reported to have better overall attitudes during school, higher aspirations for college and their future, and recorded above average testing scores compared to non-athletes.

A multi-ethnic group of children are playing soccer, while running down a grass field, kicking and chasing the ball.

They also looked specifically into the different sports and how they effected their participants. For example, “track and field stood out as having the highest percentage of youth who excelled academically” (Woman’s Sports Found.). They also recorded how “lower percentages of track and field skipped class, skipped school, or experiences illnesses compared to youths in other sports”.

As well as directly helping in the classroom, we see here how sports and athletics also help the individual as a human. They are overall more active, and healthy while participating in athletics. Beyond the typical idea of staying in shape and fit, partaking in physical activities lowers blood pressure, and helps regulate a lot of the internal functions, keeping our bodies and our minds healthy.

Personally I support and agree with everything reported by the Woman’s Sports Foundation. I strongly believe that athletics greatly helped me focus and more comfortable and happy in and out of school. I also believe that it helped me stay healthy as I grew and developed through adolescence. I could always count on sports and athletics to not only bring me joy, but simultaneously help my body and mind throughout my life.