How to Write on the Web

Right from Wrong 

When writing on the internet you want to make sure you know what to write and what not to write. Once something is put online, its there forever. Posting pictures and writing comments is part of everyday life when on the internet, especially with the help of social media. Social Media is a big part of the internet and it can also be the most dangerous. Being careful about what you post is the hard part. 04e3af1ff19f835d0bf43094fa53e144c2790415

How To Not 

People tend to get too carried away when writing on the internet. Exposing themselves to millions of people everyday. Letting these strangers know there locations, what they own, phone numbers, and @ names for different social media apps. This information makes it easy for the wrong types of people to find you. Studies have shown that social media has one of the highest risk for online predators. Online predators are adult internet users who seek to exploit vulnerable children or adolescents for sexual or other abusive purposes. They wait for people to post the wrong information for them to use against you. This is dangerous because of the risk you have everyday when you make a post and being able to know what to write so you won’t be dragged in these types of situations are important.


Sometimes the information you put online can not only hurt you but in some cases hurt others. Cyberbullying is another way people shouldn’t be writing on the internet. Taking something negative about someone and posting it for many other people to see is cruel and shouldn’t be a problem with todays social media. Bullies hide behind a computer screen and make hurtful comments towards people for no reason. Because of the many different social media apps there are its easy for a person to attack another person and it to made public for other people to join in or be a bystander through there own account.



Being Safe

Writing on the internet the right way can be easy. Being able to post online without putting yourself in danger or hurting others is the right way to write on the internet. Writing with friends, keeping in touch with relatives and posting pictures of new adventures can be a great way to enjoy the ability to share information online. When you write about personal information or something that you think might put you at risk that is when you know you have written the wrong things. When writing on the internet you need to remember that whatever is on the internet last forever, when you post something there is no taking it back.


Ways to Make the Best Posts

People use social media as ways to communicate with friends, voice their opinions, find job opportunities and more. One does not necessarily need to be considered a writer to write on social media, but it does require some skill to ensure you are getting your points across to the reader. What you post on the internet directly reflects back on yourself, so you have to be careful. Some popular platforms are Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and all are used differently depending on your purpose. Also, hashtags are a great way to provide more information about your topic. It is also important to keep your posts short and to the point so people have to look into your post more. Knowing your audience, being engaging, and using correct grammar and punctuation are important things to remember when writing on the internet.


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What you Write Matters! Especially when Looking for Job Opportunities

If you are looking to be hired by a company, you should watch what you write about on the Internet. Businesses do their research before anyone gets hired. In other words, what you write and post on the internet is a direct representation of yourself. If your writing does not look good, neither will the company, therefore you most likely will not get the job. Not each platform operates the same too. For example, what you write about on Twitter will probably not work out in your LinkedIn profile. Be true when writing posts on media and on the internet because you should not be fake online and use a tone that applies to what you will be writing about. 

When talking to a possible employer online, you should ask questions about them and the job and establish a quick relationship that will help the conversation go more smoothly. Also, it is not a bad thing to keep your messages brief, but make sure it has what you want to say. This makes sure you do not overdo it, but still get your point across. Also, use all punctuation and titles that clearly show what you will be writing about.

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How the Internet Changed the way we Writing

  • Social Media is an informal way of communicating with others.
  • People use abbreviations when writing on the internet.


■“LOL” -Laugh out loud

■“OMW” – On my way

■“IDK” I don’t know

■“OMG” – Oh my god

■“BRB” – Be right back

■“TTYL”- Talk to you later

■“WDYM” – What do you mean

■“RN” – Right now

■“TBH” – To be honest

  • The use of facial expressions are called emoticons.
  • Emoticons use keyboard characters to convey the writer’s feelings without using actually words.
  • A modern version of emoticons are emojis.
  • Emojis are small digital images or icons used to express an idea, emotion or feeling.
  • Instead of using keyboard characters, emojis are actually picture characters.