Choice and Success

“Although we rightly acknowledge and amply compensate the play of mind in white-collar and professional work, we diminish or erase it in considerations about other endeavors – physical and service work particularly.” (384) Mental and physical work are equivalent. One should not be looked at as higher or more important. Both require skills and are needed in society. Life would be chaos without either of these types of jobs. Society’s outlook needs to change. There needs to be a better appreciation for all types of work. There is intelligence in both mental and physical aspects of work. “Planning and problem solving have been studies since the earliest days of modern cognitive psychology and are considered core elements in Western definitions of intelligence.” (385) Both planning and problem solving are used in all jobs. What differs are the types of planning and problems. Both white-collar and blue-collar jobs have planning to be done and problems to be solved. One should not be looked at as more important or valuable. All jobs serve their part in society. If society devalues physical work then that may affect what individuals think they want to do in the future. This will result in a need for skilled workers. There needs to be a better outlook on intelligence. All intelligence is needed for all of life to run smoothly. People will not realize this until their power goes out and they need to find and electrician. Physical work and service is valuable to us all. Besides there is a need for skilled workers there also may be a low rate of satisfaction if individuals are picking college only because that’s what society wants them to do. There is “satisfaction of being good at what one does for a living (and knowing it)” (395) Its is important for people to follow their passion because that is where they will succeed. Go on the path that is most rewarding. Everyone has skills and what is meant for them. College may not be meant for them. This idea should be accepted and embraced more.


Is it okay to be a “Try Hard”?

School is hard enough with all the work that students have to do along with balancing their social lives and extracurricular activities. So why is that the majority of boys decide to not “try” in school? This is due to the society around us. Boys tend to fall into societal stereotypes that say that if a guy keeps up with his school work he is considered a “try hard.” This is a major reason why boys are falling behind girls in school, and more importantly life. Andrew Reiner makes a good point in saying “some colleges are waking up to the fact that men may need to be taught to think beyond their own stereotypes.” Men need to wake up to the fact that what society says isn’t fact but instead just a misguided opinion.