“He Believed He Could So He Did”

Laurie Frankel’s son was interested in playing dress up and playing with dolls. He then wanted to wear dresses and skirts to school and his mother supported him although she was questioning his decisions. She was worried about what others would think of him but her son had no fear. Before he started school, Laurie and her son practiced saying, “If girls can wear pants or skirts, so can boys”. Now her son refers to himself as her and she is more confident and comfortable in her own skin as a child.

This story illustrates the idea that not only adults have societal expectations, but children also have them too. Most of the expectations start when you are young and develop when you get older. By breaking them and doing what you feel is best might make it easier when you are an adult. He knew he would be more comfortable in skirts and dresses than in pants. Although he knew the repercussions that would along with wearing “girl’ clothes, he did what he knew was the best for him and did not care what the others in his class would think of him. By breaking the “norms” as a child you might make it easier on yourself when you are an adult and influence the perspective of your peers.