The Pursuit of Your Happiness

As AnneMarie Slaughter was deciding whether she wanted to keep working in Washington or go home. She had to go over what she really wanted and needed to do. She thought of all possible¬†scenarios to try to make the job work but in the end, she knew she belonged in New Jersey with her family. She realized the most important thing to her was her family and she knew she needed to be with them. When she would be introduced to speak at events, she would not want them to acknowledge her accomplishments or awards but the fact that she had two sons. She says, “seeking out a more balanced life is not a women’s issue; balance would be better for us all.

I think it is very important for an individual to have some type of balance in their life. A balance between what is most important to them and their daily activities. If a person does not make time for what they love, then they might just end up living a sad, unfulfilled life. Like Anne-Marie, she recognized that her family was her priority and decided she would rather be with them than give up time for a job. She was still able to be a successful, first woman dean at Woodrow Wilson School, where she was able to find that balance she needed. I believe once one pursues and seeks out the most important aspects in their life and follow them, they will be onto living their best life.