Does a Liberal Arts education better prepare you for your future?

A liberal arts education provides a broader outlook for students. Many different skills are practiced while taking part in a liberal arts education. Concepts such as critical thinking, analysis, and communication. “It is far wiser for students to prepare for change and the multiple careers they are likely to have than to search for a single job track that might one day become a dead-end” (337) Careers and times change. Today colleges are teaching students “for jobs that do not yet exist.” (337) It is possible to have a job in the future that does not exist in the work force at the moment. A well-rounded education will be helpful in this situation. If one only studied toward one specific type of job than it may be difficult to transition in the future. A survey for the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2009 showed that “more than three-quarters of our nations employers recommend that college bound students pursue a “liberal education”. (338) The skills learned at a liberal arts school will show in the working world. Employers are impressed by these skills and are looking for them in future employees. They are looking for a well rounded employee who not only knows how to do their job but can also solve problems and communicate well. image.png