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Gender as a Social Construction

To me, gender is considered a social construction in our society. Although there is a clear contrast between being a man and a woman, if both of these people were viewed equally then the gender wouldn’t matter. “A social construct is something that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction.” This means that it is obvious to tell someone’s sex, but social constructs are formed from the minds of individuals. People are reacting to the obvious, just like the idea that a women’s physical appearance gives people the idea that they should be with the family or in the kitchen. But this idea is absurd. Just because someone looks a certain way physically doesn’t mean their fate should be predetermined. A man should not be forced to hold back tears simply because he is a man. Women should not be forced to lower-tier jobs or to be a stay at home because she’s a certain sex. This ideology is skewed and not fair.

Works Cited: Zevallos, Z. (2014) ‘Sociology of Gender,’ The Other Sociologist, 28 November. Online resource:

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